Thursday 24 September 2009


Welcome to my new blog. It's dedicated largely to my work on my PhD at the University of Southampton, with perhaps a smattering of general interest and personal info as well.

So, my PhD is focused on the storage and query of RDF data. My major focus is now on high-performance in-memory algorithms for indexing RDF. As part of this I'm interested in the effect of CPU data caches on algorithm performance, as well as the effect of object overheads such as those seen in Java. I'm currently working on evaluations of a bunch of indexing techniques with these factors in mind, with a view to implementing an adaptive algorithm of my own for RDF storage.

My previous projects are summarised on my web page here, and includes work on distributed RDF stores and RDF dataset characterisation. Over the next few weeks I'll put up some posts explaining what I've been up to both in the past and recently.

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  1. Hey Alisdair, I just want to thank you for "Postresql Exercises" web page. It is awasome and so helpful. Thanks